Sunday, March 6, 2016

Blueberry Margarita: Granite City

Blueberries. I don't like to eat them on their own but I love them in smoothies and alcoholic drinks. They are blue on the outside, green on the inside, and purple when mashed. We like to go out for lunch on the weekends and usually its about the food because my husband is a chef but sometimes we get to combine our loves and get great food and margaritas. Granite City, for those who have never been, is considered slightly upscale but approachable by the average diner. Granite City is known for brewing their own beer, which made the guys happy. I started by ordering the house margarita, which was on the happy hour menu for the day, but when I looked inside the menu I saw there was a blueberry margarita and I had to change my mind.
The margarita had great color but the taste was only ok. You could barely taste the blueberry and you really couldn't taste any tequila. It was citrus-y which is part of a margarita but it could have easily been a tequila/lemonade. I was unimpressed enough to not order another one. Which has become a dig to my husband and others who join us it to eat. They don't ask anymore if it was good or not, they ask if I'm having another one! 
Happy Drinking!