Friday, October 16, 2015

Tequila and Weight Loss?!

Until now, my site has just been margarita and tequila reviews with a recipe or two thrown in for good measure. I didn't start this as a whim though. I am serious about tequila, serious enough that I'm talking science. I think I'm about to make your day.... Tequila can help you lose weight! Yes, it's true! Not only that but it can help lower your blood sugar too. A recent study conducted at the American Chemical Society has blessed us with this glorious information. Basically agavina, a sugar that comes from the agave plant used to produce tequila, triggered insulin production and lowered blood sugar in an experiment with mice. In addition it also helped the mice drop some weight! Can I get a hallelujah!?!
Now, this is not an encouragement to drink shots of tequila until you lose not only weight but days as well. The sugars coming from the agave plant help you feel more full, that's where the weight loss comes in. Enjoying a highball of your favorite blanco, reposado, or anejo is just the right amount to have the fantastic properties of this miracle drink work.
As if I needed another excuse to enjoy more tequila. Except now there is no excuse, I'm just watching my weight! : )
Happy Drinking (and weight-watching)!

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