Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chipotle: Sauza Margarita

I know that a LOT of people really love Chipotle. I rediscovered that I too enjoy it! I just don't eat there often because my husband is not a fan. I really only ended up there today because I wanted a drink but didn't know where to go. My sister claimed she heard that Chipotle had margaritas and away we went. (We both got rice bowls if you were curious.) But on to the margarita.

I knew that Chipotle served beer but because I was unsure of what the margaritas would consist of, I chose the Sauza version - they also had a Patron version. I can say I was glad I went with the Sauza.... The mix they use would have over-powered the Patron making it worthless and a waste of $3 extra. As far as a "fast food" margarita I can say it wasn't the worst thing I've ever drank. As far as I'm concerned, Chipotle made a smart business decision adding margaritas to their Tex-Mex menu. I give the Chipotle Sauza Margarita a 3 out of 5 shots. It's definitely worth having one with your meal. 
Happy Drinking!

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