Friday, October 2, 2015

Casamigos Anejo

Last night I tried my first Anejo. I haven't seen many people drinking it, but I know if I'm going to have a well rounded tequila experience and be able to tell you about it I had better try it. Because it was something I was new to, I chose to find a smaller nipper bottle for my first go. I would hate to have bought a big bottle of something to find it wasn't something I wanted to continue to drink.... There is nothing worse than wasted tequila! 
The only Anejo nipper bottle available at my local liquor store was the Casamigos version. I've heard that the Anejo style of tequila is similar to whiskey with its oak-y flavor and I would agree. I discovered in my quest to know more that an Anejo must be aged a year in an oak barrel but no more than 3 years. The smell (I smell them all before I drink them) was very subtle. You knew it was tequila you were smelling but not as harsh of a smell like you would get from a blanco. With each taste I picked up more flavors. Agave first, then a little caramel and pepper, finally a little mint and citrus. 
I did enjoy the Anejo but I still would prefer a resposado at this point. Don't worry for those of you reading who are Anejo fans, I'll try more! I give this tequila a 3.5 out of 5 shots. I prefer the Anejo over the blanco I reviewed earlier but this wouldn't be my go to brand. 
Happy Drinking!

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