Sunday, September 20, 2015

Tres Agaves Reposado

So it's Sunday and it's fall... That means football and tequila! This week I'm drinking Tres Agaves Reposado. You can't fully try a tequila if you don't try it alone and in a margarita. To make this the best it can be and stay true to brand, I'm making the margarita with the Tres Agaves Mix (check out my review for that too!) and it's great. 
Alone, this is DELICIOUS. Smooth and sweet. This Reposado needs no chilling and no training wheels. Anyone and everyone can and should pour a rocks glass of this. I shared with my husband, brother-in-law, father-in-law, and friend.... They all agreed it was great. 
Then I added the Tres Agaves brand margarita mix. Because the tequila is great and this is a mix I'm a fan of, this was a great margarita. Smooth, sweet, and tart all in one glass. I also discovered that rather than mix it together with a mixer, I could put it all in a mason jar. All I had to do was put the lid on and shake. It's already in the glass to drink it from! I felt like a genius. 
I am giving the Tres Agaves Reposado a 5 out of 5 shots! This tequila has won its way into my heart and a permanent place in my liquor cabinet. Definitely give this Reposado a try, you won't be sorry!
Happy Drinking!

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