Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Macho Camacho: Cocina Del Barrio

For those of you outside of the Twin Cities, I am truly sorry. Unless you come into our airport/city or they expand you may never know the glory that is Cocina Del Barrio. If I could live here, I would. Honestly. I have done a review of this establishment before so you'll know the locations. I prefer the Edina location over downtown for the atmosphere. I could bathe in their fresh-made guacamole. It is legit.... but that's not what your here for! This round at Barrio I tasted the Macho Camacho. I decided to try this particular margarita after I saw it on a list of the 7 best margaritas in Minneapolis (Check the Article Here).

The Macho Camacho is a blood orange margarita made with ancho-infused tequila and a splash of cava. Hands down, this is one of the top 3 margaritas I've ever had. Nicely sweet with just enough heat from the ancho. I could seriously drink these by the GALLON. I'm convinced that Barrio uses magic in their drinks.... I can't say enough to do this margarita justice! If you can stop by a Barrio location first - call me! I'll show up any day, any time. Second, order this margarita and then order it again. 
I am officially going to give this margarita 5 out of 5 shots. Yes, that just happened! Straight up number 2 in my top 3. 
Happy Drinking!

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