Sunday, September 6, 2015

Cadillac Margarita: Acapulco

So it's Labor Day Weekend and being outside is almost a requirement. I've been out in the humidity for the last couple hours and it's time for a margarita. On our way home is a Mexican restaurant I haven't been to yet and I knew I could get one there. Acapulco it is. Now, I know I said I was NOT a fan of the Cadillac Margarita. Especially the one I last reviewed at Broadway Bar... It was not appealing. 
This Cadillac Margarita came with its Grand Marnier on the side. It's made with Don Julio Reposado, margarita mix, and fresh lime. Since the Cadillac typically comes with Grand Marnier already in it, I tried the margarita by itself first. Alone, the margarita was alright. You could tell there was a mix but it wasn't the worst premade mix I've ever had. After a few sips I knew I wouldn't be drinking the shot of Grand Marnier by itself - not my style. So I dumped the shot right into the margarita. Surprisingly it made the margarita better! I was ready to be disappointed again after my last Cadillac but I wasn't! I tried this particular Cadillac on the suggestion of our waitress. I was a little wary but she claimed it was her favorite of the 15 or so margaritas on the menu. I'm glad I didn't let my past experience hold me back! If you get the chance to stop by an Acapulco's Restaurant, I suggest you give their Cadillac Margarita a try. 
I give this margarita 4 out of 5 shots.
Happy Drinking!

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