Saturday, August 1, 2015

Strawberry jalapeño margarita - Malone's

I'm sitting here on a beautiful Saturday night having dinner on the patio of Malone's. The weather is perfect and the patio is full. Lucky for me, the Malone's summer drink menu includes a strawberry jalapeño margarita. As I've said before this is my kind of beverage. I love something spicy and sweet at the same time.
This spicy/sweet 'Rita was good the first time but better the second time (the bartender muddled the jalapeños the second time around). As opposed to other margaritas I've had with strawberries, this one used strawberry purée. I like the purée better than freshly squished strawberries.... They are terrible to suck up through a straw! Despite this margarita being made with one of my least favorite tequilas (Jose Cuervo) I really enjoyed its fresh and spicy taste. 
If your ever at Malone's and it's summertime (or anywhere with a patio and a spicy/sweet margarita for that matter) give this one a try! I know I'll be back before the summer is over.
Happy Drinking!

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