Monday, August 10, 2015

Serrano Infused Tequila

Last week I decided I wanted to make my own spicy tequila. I'm in love with the spicy/sweet margarita flavors I've been seeing out and about lately. I had half a bottle of Camarena Silver hanging out in my fridge just waiting to be used. Many of the recipes I've found suggested jalapeño but my husband suggested I use Serrano peppers. 
It was really simple. A glass jar (I had this mason jar), 3 serranos, and a half a bottle of tequila. I sliced the ends off the peppers and then just cut them into slices. If you get any brown seeds on the inside, you'll need to get rid of those before you add them to your tequila. I combined the two on Sunday evening last week. 
I let the infusion begin. In Friday I decided that staring at this Serrano heaven on my counter for 5 days was long enough... And it turns out I was right! I really enjoy the sweet of strawberries so I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and purchased a bag of frozen strawberries. The taste was good but there were just WAY too many seeds.
It was really really tasty but as I said, the seeds. Yuck. I searched my local grocery store and other food locations but couldn't find strawberry purée anywhere (purée would have eliminated a lot of the seeds). Frankly I was in no shape to make my own purée as the kitchen was tore apart with the cabinets being repainted. I found what I think was a great substitute, Strawberry Guava Nectar at my local World Market store. It tastes delicious and isn't too sweet. I chose to mix a little of the nectar, margarita mix, and my Serrano tequila. It was phenomenal! The Serrano gave it a smoky spice that you can't get from a jalapeño or habanero. I suggest if you like a little spice in your life you give this infusion a try! 
I whipped these in the blender which made them a little foamy but once they settled they were a gorgeous shade of pink. You can be guaranteed that this will not be my last infusion!
Happy Drinking!

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