Sunday, August 16, 2015

Espolon Blanco

Just before noon today my husband and I stopped at his brothers house for breakfast. They were drinking beer and I was offered a taste of Espolon with my breakfast. I know what your thinking but it's Sunday Funday, don't judge me. Since I've never tried it and heard all kinds of things I figured why not?! 
As far as a blanco, it's not awful tasting. At first smell, it smells slightly like grapefruit and mint. You get both of those flavors when you drink it as well. This, in my opinion, is not an all night sipper. This is the tequila you can shoot with some friends and they would appreciate that you at least bought something that was 100% blue agave. It could also be good for making large batches of margaritas on the cheap. Many have compared this tequila to Jose or 1800, neither of which I have ever been impressed with. This bottle cost about $28 locally. Not worth keeping stocked in your bar but definitely worth a taste. 
Starting here I'll be rating the tequilas and margaritas I try. This Espolon blanco I will rate 2.5 out of 5 shots.
Happy Drinking!

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