Friday, August 14, 2015

Bud Light 'Ritas

Let's start with the fact that I know these have no actual tequila. I know, I know, this is a tequila blog and you are reviewing something without any actual tequila. My logic here was I also try and review margaritas and Bud Light is trying to call these some kind of 'rita. 
I bought the variety pack because I didn't want to have to go back and buy multiple packs of something I wasn't sure would even be any good. I started with the Strawberry Rita, it's the most common of the flavors you an find/buy. It was definitely strawberry but not really margarita tasting. I'm glad there are only 4 of these in the pack. I went for the Lemonade Rita next since it was the next most common flavor I could find. It reminds me of just what it says, lemonade. Again, there was no real margarita flavor here and still glad there are only 4 of these. The Rita I couldn't find in a pack all its own was the Mango Rita. It had great mango taste.... But to my disappointment still not a great margarita taste! The mango was also a little sickeningly sweet for my tastes. I may give away the last 3.
Now we come to the flagship of Bud Light's Rita brand, the Lime-a-Rita. Despite the fact that these have no tequila, this flavor had the closest margarita taste. This makes up 6 of the 18 pack and I'll admit on a hot day when I'm feeling lazy I could crack one of these instead of making my own margarita. They aren't terrible, a ton of calories but not bad. I still think that Bud Light has some balls to call these any sort of Rita. Bud Light, please stick to your beer and leave the rest of us to our handcrafted tequila beverages.
Happy Drinking!

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