Friday, July 17, 2015

Tres Agaves Margarita Mix

I mentioned in my last tequila review that Tres Agaves had their own brand of margarita mix. Over the last week or so I tracked some down and took them up on their claim that their tequila was made for margaritas. I'm all about sitting on a patio/deck in the heat having a margarita. For me, almost nothing beats that feeling.
 I found the mix at my local Cost Plus World Market store. They have a unique selection of items but offered the mix closest to me and at the cheapest cost. I had the store hold a mix for me and it cost $7.99 for the bottle. If you have read posts here before you know that I am NOT a fan of store-bought, pre-made mixes. I just prefer to make my own or purchase a margarita that is made in what I feel is the correct way. As the label says it's organic and made with just lime and agave. Needless to say I was pretty skeptical but most of the other reviews claim its the best mix they have ever tried.

Hopefully you've tried my perfect margarita. I found that recipe years ago and it has never let me down. This mix tastes like my margarita but with less of the sweetness from the agave. According to the directions on the bottle, you mix 3 ounces of mix with 2 ounces of Tres Agaves tequila. I followed the directions to the letter and made mine on the rocks. I have to say that I agree with the masses, this is the BEST pre-made mix I have ever tried!
Yes I know, margaritas don't really belong in an Irish pub glass but that's what I had clean and available. I plan to use this cost effective mix and tequila at all of my gatherings.... throw it in a blender and everyone can enjoy the taste. If you don't have a World Market or local retailer near you, you can also order the mix off of the Tres Agaves website. Give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Happy Drinking!

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