Saturday, July 25, 2015

TGI Friday's Ultimate Margartia

With yesterday being National Tequila Day, I couldn't not have some tequila. National Tequila Day is one of my top days of the year! I called up my sister and suggested we head to our local TGI Friday's. It had been a long day for both of us and I didn't want to make my own margarita. According to the menu, you have the choice between the Ultimate Strawberry Margarita or the BFM - Best Friday's Margarita. I wasn't in the mood for slurping strawberries through my straw so I asked for the BFM. On recommendation from our server, I switched to an item not on the menu - the Ultimate Margarita.
Finally, my request for no salt was granted! Why would the server take me out of something I had asked for? He wanted to save me money. Our server told me that the Ultimate Margarita and the BFM were basically the same thing except for the price tag, I would save $2 by changing the name! Thank the tequila gods for this kind soul! Yes, his tip was generous for this suggestion.

I enjoy having a margarita at TGI Friday's more than other chains because their whole slogan is "Hand-Crafted Cocktails". No day-glo mixes that taste like chemicals here. The Ultimate Margarita has a fresh taste that isn't too sour or too sweet. Just in that margarita sweet spot. You can taste the tequila without it being overpowering. We enjoyed our 'ritas inside as it was nearly 90 degrees and really humid outside, otherwise we would have been on the patio.
For people who want a refreshing summer drink that you don't have to make yourself, I would recommend stopping in at your local TGI Friday's and requesting the Ultimate Margarita. The price is right and so is the taste!

Happy Drinking (& National Tequila Day)!


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