Thursday, July 2, 2015

El Rodeo Margarita

Moving sucks. I'm sure many of you agree. It's been nearly a week since my last post because I was moving. After a couple days of moving, cleaning, and putting things away a friend took my husband and myself out for drinks. Being fully supportive of my blogging efforts and loving tequila himself, we went out for Mexican. 
I'd never been to El Rodeo before... In fact I'd never even heard of it! As with most Mexican restaurants, the chips and salsa were free and kept coming!
Absolutely delicious. Since we had been moving and sweating for the better part of two days we decided to sit out on the patio. It was getting cooler and a storm front was moving in but according to the weather man we had the better part of an hour before we would get wet..... He was wrong. We were on the patio with a couple and a large group of guys. By the time our door arrived it was sprinkling and not long after we were left on the patio alone while it down poured! 
We finished our dinner and then went inside to dry off. I couldn't find any sign saying it was Happy Hour but my margarita was 2 for 1.... That made me pretty happy. I opted out of the peach/mango/strawberry/etc of fruit flavors and went straight for the house margarita. (If you read my last post about the mango margarita at Teresa's, you'll know why I opted out.) 
The house margarita came in half fish bowl sized glasses and tasted great for using a premade sour mix. Not too tart where you had to pucker your face but not so sweet you couldn't have more than one... Just my style. I'm glad I got the house margarita, looking around I noticed that some of the other margaritas came in martini glasses. That is one of my biggest pet-peeves. Put the drink in its proper glass! Anyways, at 2 for 1 these margaritas are a good taste at a great value. They rang in at about $6.50 for the 2. Most people in the restaurant were having a margarita of some variety so they must be doing something right. You can also order them by the pitcher.
Happy Drinking!

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