Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teresa's Texas Margarita

Tonight it was Mexican for dinner. I was out with the guys walking while they played disc golf and it was up to me to pick dinner. Why not have a margarita on this REALLY nice day?! For dinner we split the Fiesta Grande Sampler and the Nachos Supreme... Delicious! The free chips and homemade salsa that started us wasn't bad either. The guys had a Dos Equis with dinner and naturally I had a margarita. I ended up having 2 of the Texas Margaritas and 1 of the Mango Margaritas. 
Here is the mango margarita. I'm starting here because it was terrible! I really like mangos and usually a mango margarita hits the spot.... Tonight it tasted awful. The mango flavor was obviously not fresh. I gulped it down quickly so I could get back to the Texas margarita. 
This is the Teaxs margarita. Made with Sauza Gold and Grand Marnier, this one really hit the spot.... So much so I had 2! I ordered the small of both. The medium and large come in fishbowl style glasses. The Texas cost $7 (the mango was only a dollar cheaper). I like this margarita because, as I've said before, you can taste the tequila but it's also refreshing. I'm sure they use a premade mix but the Grand Marnier seems to counteract the fake taste. Overall I would recommend you try the Texas Margarita and skip the mango. Trust me you won't be sorry.
Happy Drinking!

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