Friday, May 8, 2015


Hello and welcome to all who are visiting my page! I'm really glad to have you. I should probably start with my beginnings in tequila, as this is a tequila site. A long time ago (when I was not necessarily of legal drinking age) a friend of mine and I decided to drink a bottle of Jose one afternoon. You may have guess what happened next..... I didn't drink tequila for a VERY long time. Now, nearly 10 years later, I have a much greater appreciation for the drink they call tequila. We can get into the reasons for my appreciation in some later posts, for now lets just stick to introductions.

My name is Kate. I'm married with 2 cats. I'm a pretty simple girl. I enjoy tequila, horse racing, getting out of town, watching Netflix, and sometimes working out. See, pretty simple.

With this site I will give you tequila brand reviews, tequila bar reviews, margarita reviews, recipes that include tequila and tequila news/facts. I hope you enjoy. Please e-mail or Facebook my page with anything/anywhere you would like me to review or cover!


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