Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cocina Del Barrio: The Trinity

This last weekend was Memorial Day weekend. Naturally I had to go out an have something with tequila in it. One of the only proclaimed tequila bars in the Twin Cities is Cocina Del Barrio, though it's commonly referred to as just Barrio. This review isn't of the restaurant itself, I'll save that for when I can try more than just a few things on the menu. This review is of their "flagship" margarita The Trinity.

I first heard of The Trinity while looking for what others considered to be the best margaritas in my area. City Pages, a local paper, did a Top 10 list and The Trinity came in at number 5. According the the Barrio menu, The Trinity is their "flagship margarita, made with cabrito blanco, cointreau, and lime juice". As far as margaritas go, this one is pretty straight forward.

The first sip had me coming back for more. I love it when a margarita doesn't taste like straight booze or mix but combines the two so you know your drinking but yet you don't. The mix of ingredients balanced perfectly! Barrio puts a lime wedge and orange twist in with your drink which is festive but luckily didn't take up much room. The Trinity comes in a short glass which I enjoy, but cost $10 which felt like I was being shorted. Don't get me wrong, the taste was worth the $10. I don't know if it was the short glass (all of the other margaritas and drinks come in tall glasses) or the fact that it was so good I drank it so quickly... Hmmm.

It was good enough that I got my sister to order one as well. She went for an other margarita to start (hibiscus and pineapple) and quickly switched over to The Trinity.

Next time you are downtown Minneapolis, near 50th and France in Edina, or at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport stop at Barrio and try The Trinity. You won't be disappointed.


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